Maison Nicolas Perrin Crozes-Hermitage Blanc - 2014

The vineyard of Crozes-Hermitage isn’t as old as that of Hermitage. It developed over this century towards the south to the detriment of fruit orchards.


There is a difference of Terroir between the vines planted North of Tain l’Hermitage, on the slopes of Gervans and those located in the villages further south.
Our wine is made from Marsanne grapes from vines with an average age of 20 years.
The grapes come from different terroirs. In the north, granite slopes from “Les Pends” (with limestone on the surface) and in the South, stony soils on the locality of Chanos Curson. We aim to keep the finesse and minerality (vines from Les Pends) and at the same time, length and body (vines from Chanos Curson).
The vintage
The winter in 2014 was characterised by mild temperatures for the region and heavy rainfall until mid-March. The heat and water reserves allowed an early start to the vegetation. Spring was dry until late June, with signs of hydric stress in some sectors. However flowering and fruit set were optimal, guaranteeing a great crop. The months of July and August, particularly cool and wet, slowed the cycle of the vine, forcing the winemakers to strengthen surveillance of the vineyard. Early September starts off with two lovely sunny weeks, along with an optimal maturity of the grapes.
Crozes-Hermitage is the biggest appellation of the Northern Rhône with over 1300 hectares. It spreads over 11 localities in the Drôme on the left bank of the Rhône River.
The village of Mecurol and Chanos Curson are renowned for the production of Crozes-Hermitage Blanc.
The bunches are pressed and the juices left to settle.
Fermentations take place in the barrels (2 and 3 years old) at a low temperature.
Ageing on the lees in the barrels to feed the wine and give it body during 5-6 months.
Marsanne blanche : 100%

Tasting advices

Tasting notes
The wine is full of freshness. It gives citrus and apples aromas, its wood four month aging gave him its roundness.
This wine has to be drunk during its youth, for the "apéritif", with fish and even with poultry.
Tasting video
Drink young as an aperitif with prawns.

Reviews and Awards

"A creamy, rounded feel lets flavors of melon, peach and yellow apple glide along easily, picking up light heather and macadamia nut hints along the way. Flattering finish."
, -
"One of the best white wines I have tasted this year, redolent of autumn fruit with a distinct minerality on the finish, this is beautifully structured and so rivals the finest Rhône blends from Hermitage or, farther south, Châteauneuf. It’s not cheap, but should age well for a good five or more years, become nuttier with time in bottle."
, -
"Pale greenish straw colour. Rich marzipan nose – Marsanne surely. Very flattering broad ripe fruit with sufficient freshness on the finish. Not the most concentrated but well balanced."
"Smooth, minerally and floral; lush, long and balanced."